Grand Circle Day 10 Antelope Canyons

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Grand Circle day 10 Antelope Canyons

***Chinese Version at the bottom***

Antelope Canyons in Page Arizona is separated into two parts, Upper and Lower, owned by two different Navajo Indian families.

Upper Antelope Canyon Photo Tour
11:00 to 1:00 pm
Meet at the tour office. A group of 8 people . We board an open side pickup truck with a canopy top. The ride to the location is about 15 min through desert wilderness. I can feel the sand blowing all over us.

As we enter the canyon there are already other tour groups inside. At the office we already saw more tour groups will be on the way. So this is going to be crowded inside. It is very dark inside. Feels more like a cave. Every ten twenty feet or so the tour guide would pause and describe the features with some imaginative names. Tell us a bit of the background about geological formation, native indian culture, folklore. Tell us to look here, look there, look up, look sideways. The sun beams are showing up in the canyon. Since this is a photo tour, every one in our group has tripod. We try to get the best vantage point in the narrow passageway that is often only 3-6 feet wide.  The tour guide is nice to have us take turns at the best spots. He has it timed so we move through the canyon to catch the sunbeams coming down from different places. Several times he threw sand into the sun beam to catch the light. The sand glitter in the light like stardust. It was absolutely beautiful, almost magical. The tour lasted 2 hours and at the last spot the canyon opening looks like a lit candelabra in an absence imagery. Finally before we exit the canyon, I found a chance to take pictures of ourselves. The tour truck took us back to town. We ate a quick lunch at a pizzeria. 

Lower Antelope Canyon

Then we drove to the Lower Antelope Canyon. We paid the entry fee, waited about 15 minutes. There is just the two of us. So the tour guide took us down after another group came back up. Again we pause every ten, twenty feet. Snap away at every angle. I love this place so much that I was going very slowly. The tour guide was rushing us a bit. I noticed that the canyon seems deeper than last time we were here. So I asked the tour guide. He confirmed that the canyon's depth changes over time. He also told us he is the son of the owner. He said over time sand from the desert are blown over the top into the canyon. As the sand collects, the canyon becomes shallow. Then a rare thunderstorm happens causing a flash flood. The water will easily carry away a few feet of sand making the canyon deeper. The place feels familiar and yet a little different. There are rock formations that looks like an eagle, a dolphin, a joker face, a long hair girl and so on. Soon we reached the end where there is a metal ladder back to the top. The tour guide asked us if we want to return from the top or go back the same way we came. Of course, go back the same way. It is very sunny up top and not much to see. I would rather retrace our steps and take more photos. We go a lot faster on our way back. A one hour tour is over too quickly. If we each have a tripod and SLR camera, then they will consider us professional photographers and would allow us two hours and use the tripod inside. Unfortunately, we are sharing one tripod so we go in as regular tourist.

Today's itinerary is complete. We went back to hotel to rest. Ate dinner, watch sunset. Last night we had a late night skywatching. Tomorrow we have a 4 hour drive to Grand Canyon. We better rest early.

***Chinese Version below***

Upper Antelope Canyon Photo Tour
11:00 to 1:00 pm


Lower Antelope Canyon
2:30 to 4:00 pm





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