Sarah So and Patrick Chiang | Grand Circle Day 9 - Lake Powell

Grand Circle Day 9 - Lake Powell

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Grand Circle Day 9 Lake Powell

***Chinese Version at the bottom***

Last stop in Zion - Emerald Pools
Before leaving Zion, we hiked to Emerald Pools. The trailhead is across the road from Zion Lodge. First walk past a small bridge crossing the Virgin River. Walk an easy paved path to the Lower Emerald Pool. The Lower Emerald Pool Trail is 0.6 miles. There is a small waterfall flowing down the hill. From here go another 0.5 miles to the Upper Emerald Pool along a slightly rocky path that twist and turn. The pool is at the base of the semi-circle cliff. The return trail is back the same way we came. Checked out the hotel and head to our next destination. 

Getting to Lake Powell
The night before we were still debating whether or not there is enough time to drive to Grand Canyon North Rim. From Kanab to the North Rim is 2 hr drive one way. Round trip would be 4 hours. Add an hour for lunch. Unless we start very early and arrive at Lake Powell after dark, there really is no time left to spend on the North Rim. Finally I decided not to go to North Rim and drive straight to Page. So we drove along US-89 South 120 miles and get to Lake Powell in just over 2 hours.

Tickets for Upper Antelope Canyon
After we arrived we ate at Burger King for a late lunch. Bought tickets for a photo tour to the Antelope Canyon the next day. Regular ticket excluding noon time is cheapest but you can't see sunlight-shaft. Noon-time ticket costs more. Photographer tour has a max of 8 people and the tour guide will hold off people so it is most expensive. Regular noon-time tour already has over 80 people booked at 10 to 15 min intervals. So the canyon would be crowded and it is hard to take picture in the narrow canyon. So we ended up buying the Photographer's ticket. In 2004, when we came here, this place was a lot less well known. We went straight to the entrance and only paid the entrance fee. The tour only had a dozen people back then and we were able to take photos at leisure. We were using film last time and we want to take better pictures this time with digital. 

Sunset at Lake Powell
We booked dinner reservation at Rainbow Room at the lodge. Of course, that is not the one at Rockefeller Center. But the room has panoramic windows for watching the sunset over the lake. At sunset the desert and sandstone buttes turned golden color. The sky turned pink and soft purple. The sun sends out golden rays just before sinking below the horizon. Looking back to the east the sky turned dusky purple near the horizon. This is earth shadow cast on the atmosphere. In the city high rise buildings block the view of the horizon and this shadow can't be seen. Only in wide open space you can see this wondrous sight. Soon the moon rose and cast a soft light over the lake. 

Camera Cover
After we ate dinner, back at the hotel room we prepared a piece of very important accessory. A sand cover for the camera. Last time we went to the Antelope Canyons sand was everywhere. Blown over the top into the canyon. Got in my hair and face, eyes and ears, the camera and lens. The desert sand is so fine it gets in everywhere and is very hard to get out. Last time I had to take my lens for cleaning after I came back. So this time we made a camera and lens cover. I will also keep a dust blower handy tomorrow.

The Milky Way
Last two night, I did not have a chance to photography the milky way. Tonight, I got up at 1 am and went out to the parking log to photograph the milky way. I finished at about 2:30 am.

***Chinese Version below***

Last Stop in Zion - Emerald Pools 

Getting to Lake Powell
前一晚我們還在討論是否去大峽谷北邊,因為路途太遠,由公路分叉點Kanab計來回至少4個鐘,晩上除非在大峽谷北面過夜否則太趕,之前訂酒店沒法安排好多一晚,最後只好放棄,前幾日行程緊密,所以今天沒有安排景點,輕輕鬆鬆休息一下,只駕車直接去Lake Powell 算了,由公路US-89 South 向東一直走120 miles 就到Page, Arizona. 

Tickets for Upper Antelope Canyon
2小時後去到Page,食完午餐, 去買票明天的節目,印第安人土地上的羚羊峽谷,上谷比較人多所以要買票,票價分三種,普通非中午時間最平不過冇光柱射進,中午時間比較貴有光柱,攝影團只限八人中午時間,唔駛爭位兼導遊幫你擋住其他人,唔會有路人甲走入鏡頭,最貴,問一下普通中午團已經有成八十幾人,人頭湧湧點可能影得好,只有買貴票啦。零四年時人少少我們直接去門口比入場費平好多,只有十零人,任影,可惜當年用菲林,就住就住,又係影相初哥,D相靚,不過唔夠靚,希望今次影好D。

Sunset at Lake Powell
買完飛就去訂枱食飯,Rainbow Room, 當然唔係洛克菲勒中心果個,係在湖邊有panoramic 窗口,可以看見黃昏湖景,日落時附近沙漠和沙石山都映上了金黃,化成橙紅色,天色慢慢暗下來,變成粉紅粉紫色,最後夕陽射出萬道霞光就沉到地平線下,此時背面近地平線處現出暗紫色,這就是地球的影子投射到大氣層上,平日城市中高樓大廈阻擋視線都不能見這個景象,只有在廣濶的曠野才能得見,不多久月亮升起了,更添美景。

Camera Cover

The Milky Way


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